Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists


Photo credit: art218.com

  • Shanghaiist can't wait to meet the tattooed Louis Vuitton pigs that are coming to town.
  • Phillyist commenters spent the early part of the week debating whether Barack Obama is an asshole. Phillyist concluded that the political assholes were, however, the St. Paul police for their treatment of a local photographer covering the RNC.
  • Bostonist mapped out the city for newcomers.
  • Torontoist reintroduced their series of interactive Flash panoramas with a look at the city's first scramble intersection in half a century.
  • LAist caught on to John McCain's big whoops during his RNC speech; he accidentally used a North Hollywood middle school's facade instead of a D.C. army medical center.
  • Seattlest applauded their local working class heroes when the teachers and the Boeing machinists went on strike this week.
  • DCist kept track of an unusually high number of bomb threats and whackos with assault rifles not far from the U.S. Capitol on Friday.
  • Chicagoist found some old creepy/amazing photos.
  • Londonist noted one of the capital's churches poking fun at some of the more patronising aspects of the UK ban on smoking in public indoor spaces.
  • SFist simply couldn't resist sharing with you the good news about VP candidate Sarah Palin's exclusive luncheon in the Bay Area.
  • Gothamist was intrigued by photographs of Hart Island, a prisoner of war camp and a missile base (it also housed a prison and a women's asylum) in the Bronx.
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