Sandwichist – Surf and Turf from The Chiltern Rooms, Marylebone

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Last Updated 11 September 2008

Sandwichist – Surf and Turf from The Chiltern Rooms, Marylebone


In search of London’s best sandwich since sliced bread

We are keen on sandwiches in context – meaning when it’s hot we love a nice cool tuna mayonnaise puppy with cucumber and when it’s cold something more gutsy like a chicken, bacon and avocado panini, which gives us a nice Ready Brek glow. We also love seasonality. So we try to avoid having tomatoes in winter - and any other combination that would cause Oliver Rowe or Gordon Ramsay to wet themselves.

So on a rare sunny day we were drawn to the Chiltern Rooms to feast on their surf and turf sandwich. As you sink your teeth into the crusty poppy seed baguette you are hit by a cooling smear of crème fraîche and crayfish before being covered in sun cream and taken straight to the Costa del Sol by a layer of chorizo that adds an unexpected kick of warmth and an eruption of colour. We challenge anyone not to start lisping in Spanish after eating this badger.

This is unashamedly a summer sanger. Light and slightly fishy it's made for the sort of optimistic people who see a glimmer of sunshine and put on their sunglasses strip, off most of their clothes and go and lie in the freezing cold.

Located amidst a collection of shoe shops for women with size 9 feet and above, the Chiltern Rooms is the ideal lunch spot for the well healed population of Marylebone.

Our only criticism is the price. At £5.05 it isn't cheap. But it’s worth every penny when you consider that you get a free trip to Spain thrown in.

Words and photo by Browners