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Star Glocks
Glock 17

Foreign visitors may be bemused by our relatively toothless bobbies with their funny hats and ineffectual truncheons, but the truth is they can't always be trusted when packing heat. A female officer has been removed from operational duty after she left her firearm in an Edgware Road Starbucks.

With a bladder perhaps filled with one of the chain's venti soy frappucinos, the officer, who has not been identified but whose surname is suspected to be "Wiggum", removed her belt and holster in order to relieve herself in the cafe's toilet. Having finished her business, she departed, but neglected to pick up the belt which contained her gun, a Glock 17. The weapon was subsequently discovered twenty minutes later by a member of the public, who, showing a modicum of responsibility, submitted it to the police, where its serial number was used to trace the errant officer.

Despite being top in her class, and formerly assigned as a close protection officer to one Tony Blair, the officer's firearms career "could be over", according to a source. You'd certainly hope so. Maybe the Met should send her out on the mean streets of London armed with with a straw and a sack of peas.

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Last Updated 04 September 2008