Sex and Our City?

By Julie PH Last edited 187 months ago
Sex and Our City?

Sex will be had in a different city the next time around, if Mr Big gets his way.

That’s because Chris Noth, the 53-year-old actor who played Sarah Jessica Parker’s long-time love interest-cum-sugar daddy in both the Sex and the City series and movie, would like to see the presumed sequel set in the greatest city in the world. What? We need be more explicit? Why, London, of course.

Noth, who seems not to have learned the meaning of that fine American aphorism “don’t shit where you eat”, not only suggests that SATC follow in the footsteps of Woody Allen and decamp to London for its next go-around but also disparages the city he’s called home for some three decades, calling New York “commercialized to the point of no return”, “washed out”, and (cover the children’s ears) “suburban”. This isn’t the first time SATC has thumbed its nose at Gotham either. You’ll recall which fair city was chosen for the movie’s world premiere back in May.

So is there a future for SATC without NYC? Isn’t that kind of like ... cosmopolitans without the cranberry juice? We appreciate the sentiment, of course – we’re quite fond of London ourselves – but find it hard to believe that SATC enthusiasts would greet a location change with anything less than anarchy. Anarchy!

Meanwhile, the suggestion that SATC: The Sequel will see Carrie and Big moving to London following Big’s second heart transplant and his subsequent pursuit of sprinter gold in the 2012 Olympics whilst Carrie researches sexual rituals in the Olympic Village is purely conjecture. That Carrie and Big will break up and get back together again for the 1,328th time is not.

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