Preview: Fashion Diversity @ the Museum of London

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Preview: Fashion Diversity @ the Museum of London

There’s no need to sell your soul to the devil for a ticket to a London Fashion Week show, even if he is wearing Prada. Luckily there's another chance to experience the excitement of a live fashion show at a superb venue without crossing anyone’s palms with silver (or gold, or rustic coffee tones, which are the new black, btw). Friday and Saturday bring the sixties and seventies-inspired Fashion Diversity to the Museum of London, produced by a collaboration between the museum, Mahogany Model Management (a modelling agency for models from ethnic minority backgrounds) and the creative collective Untold.

This is not the first show from the collective, who have previously held events in such unusual London locations such as Clink Prison, and who are attended by online and boutique buyers, London-based magazines and national periodicals including the Guardian. They were formed in September 2007 by a small group of designers in order to pool their resources and expertise, including design, photography, modelling, and hair and make-up styling. According to young designer Maame Baryeh, the collective represents a grass-roots approach to getting yourself exposed to the industry. ‘It can cost a fortune to show a collection at a trade shows or expensive events such as London Fashion Week. Also, if you’re unconventional, I don’t know that you get the chance that you deserve. It’s all very well putting yourself on MySpace and emailing the right people, but you really need to get yourself out there to the industry and people at large.’ Far from being a competitive event, the whole ethos of Untold is a collaborative one, sharing resources and a spot in the limelight. ‘I’m an expert in my field, but the hair and make-up and styling – that’s somebody else’s art, and that’s why it works – an opportunity to be as creative as you like, its no holds barred. I think there is a market for everything you see out there, so by association I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be seen on the same platform as other talented designers.’

Our picture gallery brings you an exclusive glimpse of young designers' work, shot near Liverpool Street for Londonist. To see more, head along to the Museum of London at the weekend.

Stylish pics of stylish girls by Chris Osburn. Make up by Katrin Rees and Luisa Savoia; styling and hair by Lauraine Bailey. Shows are on both Friday and Saturday at the Museum of London at 1-1.40pm and 3-3.40pm. All shows are free – get there early to ensure admission.

Last Updated 18 September 2008