Monkey's World

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Monkey's World

We've long been fascinated by our childhood memories of Monkey Magic (was the monk a boy or a girl?) and were morbidly curious about Albarn's hand in bringing Monkey: Journey to the West to the London stage earlier this year. But we never got round to getting togged up for the Opera House. Then along came the Olympics and the Beeb indoctrinated us with the specially commissioned song and an fabulous Hewlett animation featuring Monkey and friends flying through the air on their way to the Birds Nest. We wanted to go! We were also humming the damn song all around the tube network.

Well, Beijing is all over bar the tail end of the Paralympics but come November 8th, we'll get the opportunity to see the opera restaged, this time in a purpose built auditorium by the O2 potentially misleadingly named, Monkey's World.

Tickets go on sale today. We nabbed ours faster than you can say Tripitaka.

Monkey: Journey to the West opens on 8 November until 5 December. Tickets from £25-65.

Image courtesy of the show website

Last Updated 12 September 2008