Mischief in Muswell Hill

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Mischief in Muswell Hill

Oh dear. Back in the day, a roguish campaign to rib your headteacher might have consisted of a home-made comic strip passed around during maths or some naughty graffiti in the bike sheds. These days, offensive slurs can be carefully placed on MySpace, beaming out your libellious, text-speak rant to the world wide community. Such is life for Muswell Hill headteacher Aydin Onac, who is the victim of a somewhat tasteless online crack, depicting him as Adolf Hitler.

The page features a rather professionally-retouched image of the teacher with a moustache and hat, and the words 'Aydin "Fuhrer" Onac'. He is said to be disgusted with the page. Fortismere School, where Onac is based, has received some criticism for perceived pupil 'selection', and was subject to a 'Keep Fortismere Comprehensive' campaign in 2007. One parent commented: '[i]t's become like a bank and all that matters is the figures on the bottom of the balance sheet - which is the exam results. One of my kids is a desirable commodity and the other is not.' However, claims of backdoor selection are strongly refuted by the head and parent governors.

The creators of the page have obviously paid no heed to Prince Harry's experiences of dropping a 'hilarious' Nazi-based joke. That went down well, didn't it? One of the comments on the page reads: 'Hiya! fnx 4 d add. howz u? btw....who r u?' (translations available on request for those over 25). Perhaps a bit of leniency could be extended to this individual, but the rest of the kids who have gleefully added themselves as 'friends' on the MySpace page might want to watch out. Adding your support to the public page might not the best way to achieve those A-grades, ya get me?

Image from bensheldon's flikrstream via the Creative Common's Licence.

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