Londonist Live: The Week That Was

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Londonist Live: The Week That Was
2817847774_5447edcb4a.jpgPeter Brewis at the piano with The Week That Was

Two thirds of Field Music reunited to play songs not by Field Music when School Of Language and The Week That Was took to the stage at Barfly. We told you about David Brewis' School Of Language (with Peter on bass) a while back and are happy to report that we stand by our initial assessment.

We also told you that Peter Brewis' The Week That Was was all over London recently. After a couple of support dates around the capital, the Barfly show gave the elder Brewis a chance to play his self-titled debut in full to a devoted audience. The set saw cowbells flying free from their fixtures before the end of the first song, a pseudo-power ballad, and only one comment of "that was the week that was." But mostly it was tight pop songs full of anti-media sentiments and an 80s bent that would make Kate Bush proud.

The evening ended on a bizarrely civil note after the last vocals of "Scratch The Surface;" Peter and David (who provided drums) remained on stage while the crowd demanded more. There was a moment pregnant with excitment until Peter politely explained that The Week That Was hadn't actually written any other songs. It was a reminder of just how new the project is, and a testament to how much it can still do.

Photo by Amanda Farah.

Last Updated 01 September 2008