Style-Ist: Smirnoff Disco Live

By Talia Last edited 115 months ago
Style-Ist: Smirnoff Disco Live

We sent twenty of our readers down to check out the very first Smirnoff Disco Live last week with the Fun Lovin' Criminals.

Our reader Matt wrote back to tell us it was a very strange night out. Bar service was slow (probably because they weren't allowed to talk) and the atmosphere was a bit weird - "It felt like being in your grandmother's front room, having been told to keep the noise down." At the very least it provided us with some very entertaining photos. Did you go? Is this silent disco malarky going to take off?

Last Updated 15 September 2008


Thanks for the tix Londonist! All in all, a bizarre night out. Must agree with Matt: the gig would have been great if not for the headphones.

Sound issues aside, it seemed to kill off the 'collective shared experience' vibe you normally get when a bunch of strangers groove along to live music. Instead it felt a little like being in a tube carriage with all the commuters hooked in to their ipods... real shame, would have loved to see FLC at their best.