Heard The One About The Meatball?

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Heard The One About The Meatball?

Norway - deep fjords, liberals. Sweden - flatpack furniture, Volvos. Finland - icy lakes, goths. Iceland - geysers, expensive drinks.

Our Nordic neighbours have never seemed what you'd call hilarious. They can't have much to laugh about, can they? All that's about to change, with Smorgasbord - an eclectic evening of comedy from northern countries at the Leicester Square Theatre.

From Sunday 5th October to Wednesday 8th October, you can enjoy Icelandic Snorri Kristjansson, Norwegian Daniel Simonsen, Denmark's Mette Lisby, Finn Ismo Leikola and Sweden's Henrik Elmer - all of whom know how to warm up a room. (Warm up, geddit?)

The jokes will all be in English - but just to get the ball rolling, here's a great Norwegian joke:

Vet du hvorfor svenskene ikke spiser kaviar?

Fordi de ikke får hodet inn i tuben...

Why don't Swedes eat caviar?

Because they can’t get their heads in the tube.

Hilarious! Tickets are available from Leicester Square Theatre on 0844 847 2475 or www.ticketweb.co.uk or www.lastminute.com

Last Updated 30 September 2008