Green & Black’s Chocolate Tastings on the London Eye

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Green & Black’s Chocolate Tastings on the London Eye
Green & Black's Chocolate Tasting on the London Eye

You know what’s better than an indulgent sampling of a range of organic chocolates? An indulgent sampling of a range of organic chocolates while checking out the panoramic view from the London Eye. Yep, from 6th October, London Eye will partner up with UK luxury organic chocolate makers, Green & Black’s, to offer folks a chance to eat some of Britain’s yummiest chocolates while enjoying one of London’s most commanding view … for a whole hour (with a maximum of 20 people)!

Sound like something Willy Wonka might have come up with (minus the pesky lessons in morality and the creepy oompa-loompas)? Well, to ground the experience with a bit of reality, chocolate tasting participants will be accompanied by a Green & Black’s trained expert, on hand to explain the chocolate’s journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. The ride will provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of eight luxury chocolates including 70% and 85% dark chocolate, white chocolate made with fragrant Magagascan vanilla, milk chocolate made with Trinitario cocoa beans, dark chocolate with whole cherries and milk chocolate with whole roasted almonds. During the trips, Green & Black’s will also showcase a selection of limited edition and seasonal variations.

Lucky Londonist was on the scene last night for a sneak preview ‘choc-over London' and must admit that the fantastic views plus the tasty chocolate made for a giddy rest of the evening. Next time you want to play a round of hint-hint with your boss (or whoever does the events planning where you work) consider Green & Black’s Chocolate Tasting on the London Eye.

Visit the Chocolate Tasting page on London Eye’s website for more details.

Photography and video by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 24 September 2008


Wow, great post, this is so exciting! I really am going to get chocolated out with your recent chocolate pedaling ;).

Speaking of which, top story on Digg this morning on how chocolate is good for your health so I suppose The Londonist is really doing everyone a favour!


Thanks. And you're right, Londonist is here to keep you healthy and happy.

diamond geezer

And so cheap! A mere £750 for hire of the capsule (which works out at no less than £37.50 per chocolate taster). I'm sure that many readers and their companies will be rushing out to indulge in a Green & Black's muncherama on the Eye given this oh-so reasonable admission price.

Alternatively I may just stand on the Embankment with a tube of Smarties.


Nothing wrong with oompa-loompas.


DJ: yeah, cheap it ain't. I guess then can't stop you from byoc-ing on a normal London Eye trip.

Sally: You don't find oompa-loompas creepy?


Just in the interests of full disclosure and all that, how much did you get paid for running this puff piece?