Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Take That have complained about the racket made by their (studio) neighbours. Is it only Londonist that finds this rather sad?
  • A London musician has set off on a ‘train and bed tour’ – he’ll play anywhere for the cost of his fare and a bed for the night.
  • A bunch of kiddlies have been rounded up in Muswell Hill for running a charity collection scam.
  • There are worries for patient confidentiality as it emerges that doctors are apparently a little slapdash with their memory sticks.
  • London Metropolitan Archive and Guildhall Library Manuscripts are to go live on line.
  • Boris is putting fares up. Apparently it’s all Ken’s fault.
  • And on the subject of blame, investigators are blaming ice in the fuel for January’s Heathrow crash.
  • Brothel creeping: they’re spreading. There are now an average of 28 per borough.
  • Stairs from tartalom’s Londonist flickr stream.

    Last Updated 04 September 2008