Event Review: Collision at Area 10

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Event Review: Collision at Area 10

Londonist stepped through the looking glass last night. No, we’re not talking about one too many Babychams and a night at A & E. We mean the real thing – Area10, in Peckham. We previewed it so enticingly earlier in the week that we just had to attend. Besides – it’s gotta be good for our reputation if we follow up our own recommendations…

And we tell you what, it was a cracking good evening. Even at the level of an art exhibition it was well worth the £6 entry fee – there was art galore, lining the walls, strewn across the old timber yard’s floor, playing across video screens in booths all round the sides. Add in the live music (we saw three acts but there was a lot more to it than that), the performance ‘poetry’, the circus acts and the really rather reasonable bar (no Babycham though), and it was a complete assault on the senses which left Londonist doing that silly girly thing that we do when we get over-excited.

Two highlights (we could whitter on all day about it all, so we’re trying to keep it brief). The Psychological Art Circus is one of the most talented acts of the modern circus genre, and their mixture of superb theatre, special effects and how-do-they-do-that acrobatics is spell-binding. Catch them when you can wherever you can.

And then there’s the Trans Siberian Marching Band. Bloody brilliant. Oompah meets ska with a hint of transvestite punk. We danced and marched and toe-tapped our feet sore. Our only regret is that we missed the improbable Polly Fibre and her sewing machines (they were on after our bed time).

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