Drinking And Cake - Save The Date!

By Lindsey Last edited 141 months ago
Drinking And Cake - Save The Date!

October is our birthday. We'll have made it to four fantastic years.

This last has been amazing. We've seen our output more than double, our content diversify and our reader numbers soar. Our team has gone from strength to strength and we've been nurturing a very special and mutually rewarding relationship with our Flickrpool photographers.

So, dear readers, please come out from behind your comments, leave off lurking, venture offline. Join us for a birthday bevvie and poke us with your rolled up London Lites. This is your chance to get face to face with your favourite and not so favourite Londonistas (no fighting please) and tell us what you think. Pitch us ideas, offer your talents or simply allow us to enjoy your company.

Save the date: Friday 17 October. Central London pub venue details and more to follow soon.

PS. There will be cake.

Image by Amanda Farah

Last Updated 25 September 2008