Careless Cyclists Causing Park Strife

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 124 months ago
Careless Cyclists Causing Park Strife

We don't wish to tar every pedal-pusher with the same garish shade of Lycra, but it can't escape the more observant pedestrian that a small minority of cyclists take an approach to road safety and basic manners that can be best described as "indifferent".

Having taken disregard for red lights and one-way streets to new heights, the problem has spread to the Royal parks, where wannabe Victoria Pendletons can be seen tearing it up with nary a thought for other users. One high-profile group has now taken called on cyclists to ride more carefully in order to avoid collisions with their poor pooches.

"Celebrity dog owners" (that's slebs who own dogs, not the Andrex puppy and his A-list pals) Jenny Seagrove, Felicity Kendal and Maureen Lipman are fronting the campaign. Seagrove has urged cyclists to "cycle with thoughtfulness", following the recent death of two dogs in Kensington Gardens who came off worse in a collision between mutt and machine.

Though London's parks have clearly delineated cycle lanes, problems ensue when cyclists sally forth into pedestrianised areas. A £250 fine can be levied for "dangerous cycling", which has been slapped on around 100 cyclists by the Met so far this year.

Wonder if they were riding "BM-Rex" bikes, eh readers? (Clear your desk, you're fired. Incidentally, Rebekah Wade called. Report to Wapping HQ tomorrow. Eds.)

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Last Updated 24 September 2008