The Square Pie Olym-pie

By Hazel Last edited 125 months ago
The Square Pie Olym-pie

Square Pie are celebrating the Olympics in Beijing the only way they know how: by baking special square pies. To mark the games in China, the current Pie of the Month is the Olym-pie special which is not a fawning, deep-fill, sweet and sour bird's nest affair which is kind of what we were expecting. Instead, it is... a Tibetan lamb curry pie, created by the pie company's very own Pie-a-lama. We tried one over the weekend, and we can tell you this: freeing Tibet has never tasted so good.

Packed with bad puns, worse word play and slightly muddled pastry-based political aims, it is a delicious pie. If the Tibetan curry was available as a dish on its own, it would be the next meal out for this wet and windy August: there were toothsome grains of barley, flecks of vegetables softened in the rich spicy sauce, generous chunks of tender lamb and no flabby cubes of potatoes that so often bulk out pies like this. It was a good pie with a good heart and nice pastry. However, how it was meant to raise awareness for Tibet was unclear; we don't know if a percentage of the pies' proceeds are going to a campaign or if there has been any other precedent for political campaigning through pies. Whatever. It's a good pie.

We suspect the good quality pastry could have been even nicer if it had been baked in the Square Pie onsite industrial oven rather than the Londonist homestead's distinctly more domestic one, but the option to buy unbaked pies to have at home is still a good one. The Olym-pie is available until the end of August, check the Square Pie website for outlets and ordering details.

Last Updated 18 August 2008