Shepherd's Bush Rock City

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Shepherd's Bush Rock City

Move over Manchester, Shepherd's Bush has been officially proclaimed the rock and roll capital of Britain (based on population). A survey conducted by Guitar RockStar found that the West London neighbourhood with a population of 11,000 proudly boasts one rock star for every 1,222 residents.

Shepherd's Bush was the birthplace of three quarters of the Who, two Sex Pistols, and half of the Clash, as well as being the adopted home of Pete Doherty. Perhaps less prestigiously, it is also the childhood home of Gavin Rosedale and the namesake for his band Bush.

Nationally, London came in 12th, with one rock star for every 82,644, despite having more resident rockers than any other city with 89 total. The calculations were based on the home towns of 500 rock stars — exactly who is considered famous enough for inclusion was not made immediately apparent.

Image courtesy of Matthew Piper via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Last Updated 13 August 2008