Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

By Talia Last edited 167 months ago
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Are you getting that tight throated feeling? Is your wallet feeling lighter? Are you panicking because there simply isn't enough time left. Well have no fear ladies and gents Harrods have come to the rescue!

Last week the department store opened their Christmas department a whopping 142 days before Xmas. We know it's good to get organised but surely that's a bit ridiculous? We put this to Harrods and a spokesperson told us that, "With such an international clientele passing through the store during the summer months, the opportunity to buy traditional Christmas decorations (which in many cases differ greatly from those available overseas) has been welcomed by our foreign visitors as well as Londoners who like to organise themselves well in advance of the big day!" Actually we have to give it them, that international thing does make sense.

Their Xmas World is 10,000 ft big and features a sand sculpture by artist Andrew Baynes. If you fancy buying something you can anything from £1.50 for a tree decoration up to £1,999 for a 8ft Woodland Santa (?!?).

Big business and to make you feel all warm and xmassy here's what it looks like.

Last Updated 12 August 2008