Rooney in Spitting Spat

By Matt_Crossick Last edited 125 months ago
Rooney in Spitting Spat

Misbehaving footballers, irritating paparazzi, one hardly knows who to feel sorry for… perhaps Colleen was the only innocent party when Wayne Rooney allegedly spat at a photographer on a recent London night out.

Footballers have never been too shy of a well-aimed dollop of gob on the pitch, but this fracas occurred outside a restaurant in Hanway Street on Tuesday evening. Before clamoring for Rooney’s punishment, however, it should be pointed out that said paparazzo had been hounding Wayne and Colleen all evening, even sneaking into the restaurant they were eating in before being forcibly ejected.

Rooney was, however, questioned by the police over the incident, the photographer in question presumably retiring home to hose himself down. While the odd bit of spit may be an occupational hazard for a London pap, he should be thankful it wasn’t ‘cigar-in-your-eye’ midfielder Joey Barton he was following round town: the snapper could have ended up licking some rather less metaphorical wounds…

Photo courtesy of UnorthodoxY’s photostream under the Creative Commons license.

Last Updated 01 August 2008