Paul A Young's Fine and Innovative Chocolates

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Paul A Young's Fine and Innovative Chocolates

Paul A Young Fine Chocolate

Worcestershire Sauce chocolate? Why not? Marmite and chocolate? Hey, you might just love it.

Such unusual morsels are the wondrous creations of award winning chocolatier, Paul A Young. Of course, for the less adventurous but nevertheless chocolate craving folk, Paul makes a variety of more standard goodies, such as the most incredibly gorgeous brownies that you can’t even fathom because they’re just that damn good. As the days get shorter and autumn trudges forward, Paul’s popular and thick hot chocolate is a winner too.

Recently, Paul and team were kind enough to give Londonist a tour of their Islington shop and allow us to sample the best chocolate we’ve ever tasted. Witnessing firsthand their “skill over machinery” approach (no digital thermometers, just fingers and mouths and experience) left us speechless. Of course, we must admit that we took every opportunity to cram our mouths with yummy chocolaty goodness as politely and discreetly as possible. We were similarly awed by Paul’s focus on seasonality (a Pimms and lemonade chocolate for summer? Yes!) and his use of fresh and real ingredients (no flavour syrups here – everything is made in shop, by hand). Splendid.

Anyway, all we can say is that Paul’s quality products are the real deal and well worth you devouring ASAP. And actually, now is a brilliant time to pay Paul a visit. His location in Islington (33 Camden Passage, N1 8EA) just reopened today after a refurb making the shop’s ambience even more boutique-y. And should any of you City workers find yourself craving some of Paul’s delicious creations, his other shop is located at 20 Royal Exchange, Threadneedle St, EC3V 3LP.

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Photography by Chris Osburn

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