Londonist Live: Catherine A.D. @ Bush Hall

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Londonist Live: Catherine A.D. @ Bush Hall

London girl Catherine Anne Davies has had some outstanding press, so with high hopes we attended her gig at Bush Hall on Thursday night. A fair size audience, made up largely of young indie chicks and industry heads, demonstrated Catherine's growing popularity - a singer described by the NME as "How Kate Bush would sound if she died and went to hell" (which is supposed to be a compliment).

Described as a 'gothic folk chanteuse' and often compared to the likes of Tori Amos, Cat Power, Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom, with a build up like that she was undoubtedly and understandably nervous during her hour-long concert.

Her voice is her strength. Even listening to her on-line can send a tingle down your spine. Yet live, in a sweaty hall, the stark beauty of her dulcet tones felt slightly lost. Whether it was the sound engineering, the acoustics of the hall, or the fact that her band were drowned out by large fans cooling the August night, something felt wrong. And her voice, which is normally so haunting, almost ethereal, seemed to be fighting against the sound of the other band members. The best tunes came when Catherine moved to her keyboard, and sang with only a double bass and violin accompaniment.

However, as one of the Southbank Centre's Emerging Artists in Residence (EAR) she's in the vanguard of hot, talented London and is definitely one to watch, and worth taking the time to see live - before her gigs start selling out.

By Will Rankin

Find out more at her website and Facebook page.

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A fair size audience, made up largely of young indie chicks and industry heads

Right, so you could tell which people there (if any) worked in the "industry"? Sounds like fluff to me.


As someone who could be deemed as an 'industry' person, it is always fairly easy to tell when a gig is full of them by how people look, congregate and act during a gig. Generally they act in a rude, talking through stuff way.

We have no reason to hype anyone up.


True comment Talia. There were indeed a bunch of guys at the back chatting - and to the best of my knowledge, included people who have signed up some of the biggest names/bands in the last ten years. Fluff? What would that achieve? I was merely trying to underline the fact that Catherine is very much considered someone to watch....