I Can Haz Rum at Vinopolis?

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Last Updated 08 August 2008

I Can Haz Rum at Vinopolis?
Rum Tasting and More at Vinopolis

Check it: mega-big (like three acres plus) wine and spirit wonderland, Vinopolis, now has a rum bar where peeps can "take a walk through a sunny sugar plantation, dip your hands in water from a re-created Caribbean spring, savour the magical aroma of a ten year old spirit aged in oak barrels, wander through a traditional distillery and sip on a selection of the finest Caribbean rums - all without the hassle and expense of a 10 hour flight!" Okay, you'll need to bring along your imagination for some of that Rum Experience description to apply but Londonist is happy to testify that sipping the fine rums part could bring a smile to the face of even the most uninspired of dullards.

For those who think rum is just some booze in need of Coca-Cola or fruit juices to be enjoyed, head over to Vinopolis, contemplate the differences between the distillation methods and the pros/cons of molasses versus rhum agricole fermintation and have another think!

Vinopolis is located on Bank End, very near to Borough Market. Access to the Rum Experience is part of the Vinopolis tour, with spirits packages costing from £27.50 per person.

Photography by Chris Osburn