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Get Stuck In

If your kids haven't gotten jabbed yet, now might be the time. The Department of Health has renewed its concerns about children who haven't received the MMR vaccine. Reported cases of measles have been on the rise, and as a result the number of MMR vaccines orders has been increased. Additionally, trusts in London will receive an extra £60,000 in an effort to stave off epidemic. Some parents have delayed or chosen to not have their children vaccinated amid fears that there could be a link between the vaccine and autism, but the Department of Health insists that there is no link. Londonist would like to share the non-medical opinion that their generation survived vaccination, but measles can be potentially fatal.

Last Updated 07 August 2008


"Doctor" Andrew Wakefield and his little media cheerleader chum Melanie Phillips can take a bow - a decade later from that thoroughly debunked "study" and there's still folk convinced that the MMR - autism link exists. And it's largely thanks to those two.