Folklore On Your Bike

By Lindsey Last edited 125 months ago
Folklore On Your Bike

Londonist's walks with One Eye Grey are always excellent, informative, intriguing and - importantly - a laugh but you can't always cover as much ground as you might like. Tonight then, break new ground with Fright Bikes, One Eye Grey's collaboration with Witcombe Cycles and Southwark Cyclists, presenting a frightful set of stories stretching from London Bridge to darkest Deptford and ending up in a jolly pub.

Ghostly polar bears, well hung pirates, the origin of the jolly roger, ghostly barmaids and phantom hunts can be expected to be mentioned if not actually seen.

Meet at the Southwark Needle on the south end of London Bridge at 6.30pm tonight. Tours are free and last about two hours please register your interest through or Or register for the next one on 28 August and get some cycling proficiency practice in.

Last Updated 07 August 2008