Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Thames Water chase quick buck with luxury flats over super sewer
  • Penny pinching Boris takes early break from Transys, the original Oyster operators, to find cheaper alternative
  • Stop and search at Climate Camp causes consternation
  • The Evening Standard unreservedly apologises to Prince Phillip over prostate cancer story
  • Yum, yum: there's a Thai food festival in Greenwich Park this weekend
  • Image courtesy of Stu_Egan via the Londonist flickr group.

    Last Updated 08 August 2008


    You know, I was extremely disappointed to hear a Londonist representative who was being interviewd by the BBC during the mayorial election show bias against Boris, and I can't say I'm surprised to still see negative descriptions of him now.

    Just grow up, will you? Red Ken is gone and good riddence for that.