Changing How Parking Enforcement Rolls

By Amanda Last edited 125 months ago
Changing How Parking Enforcement Rolls

We've told you about Westminster's recent shifts in attitude towards parking enforcement, and now it looks like they're attempting to change how traffic wardens operate. A new plan to have traffic wardens issue fewer tickets and give more drivers a chance to move their motors is being implemented over the next 12 months, with the hope that 10% fewer tickets will be issued. As 800,000 tickets were issued in 2007, that's hopefully a lot of tickets that won't be written.

But Westminster is hoping to create a more cuddly image all around for their traffic wardens. Soon they will be taking on crime prevention roles as the new "eyes and ears" of Wesminster, meaning everyone should feel free to report anti-social behaviour to them so they can notify the police (rather like a PCSO). Or perhaps more practically, you can just ask them for directions if you're lost.

Image courtesy of blech via the Londonist Flickrstream.

Last Updated 20 August 2008