Camden Market Fire Starter

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Camden Market Fire Starter

Six months ago we were on the scene as a major fire swept through Canal Market in Camden destroying market stalls and severely damaging the infamous Hawley Arms. It took 100 firefighters 6 hours to bring the blaze under control but it turns out, the ignition point was just a small LPG heater left on after a stall closed at 7pm that night. The wooden stall quickly caught alight followed by about 100 of its flammable friends as livelihoods went up in smoke and the local celebrity hangout burned. Discussions continue with Camden Council about the future of the site - fingers crossed the aspirational developers don't get their hands on the patch - and whilst many stall-holders were not insured, all have now received compensation from the market owner.

Last Updated 05 August 2008


Regarding aspirational developers: rumours are rife, as this site is also owned by Camden Market Holdings, the people currently tinkering with the Stables Market.

As well as the Canal Market, CMH owns neighbouring Cameron House office block, in Castlehaven Street, as well as a number of houses and leases for at least eight businesses in Leybourne Road and Torbay Street behind the fire-damaged site.

A report by Camden Council on the sale of Cameron House to CMH in February 2006, stated: "The site is considered to have some redevelopment potential, particularly if combined with the prospective purchaser's adjoining landholdings."

Kirit Sevani, manager of Harry Motors Group, in Torbay Street, said: "CMH bought leases for all the railway arches in Leybourne Road and Torbay Street about 18 months ago. There're all sorts of rumours they are developing the area - flats, hotels, casinos."