Boris Is A Barack Boy

Dean Nicholas
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Boris Is A Barack Boy
Boris Johnson

During the Mayoral election, one of the slurs regularly trotted out against Boris Johnson was his lack of tact when it came to race relations. In particular, his description of black people as "picaninnies" was offered by opponents as evidence of his unsuitability to rule over a multi-ethnic metropolis such as London.

Nearly 100 days into his reign, not only has the new mayor failed to destroy the city as many predicted, he's surprised everyone by tying his flag to the mast of American presidential hopeful Barack Obama, seizing upon the presumptive Democratic nominee's mixed-race heritage as the key to empowering black people across the world.

Gushed Boris:

I think a Barack Obama victory would do fantastic things for the confidence and the feelings of black people around the world - that they can win... it will be the most fantastic boost.

Despite not meeting him on his recent London trip, the Mayor fully endorsed Mr. Obama in an interview with Square Mile magazine, and spoke of the "amazing moment" that his candidacy has created.

The comments come just weeks after Boris' boss, David Cameron, praised the Democrat's remarks about absentee black fathers. Likely to be our Prime Minister before the decade is out, it's imperative for Cameron to shore up links with the man in the White House, which opinion polls suggest will be Mr. Obama. Boris? Well, his hopes for a high-level post in the Tory cabinet can't be hurt by emulating the gaffer.

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Last Updated 01 August 2008