And Finally... Postcard Arrives After Epic 79 Year Journey

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And Finally... Postcard Arrives After Epic 79 Year Journey

In need one of those stories that used to feature on That's Life and these days could feature in 'And Finally...' slot on crappy desperate local news channels? We're happy to oblige on Londonist:

This Thursday a couple living in East Dulwich finally received a postcard sent from the quaint-sounding Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex. It was sent in 1929. Originally dropped into a postbox by the 1920s-sounding 'May and Nel', the card took 79 years before finally hitting the equally 1920s-sounding Arthur and June's doormat earlier this week.

We knew Royal Mail was facing the odd problem, but this is going a bit far. Presuming that the stamp on it was a 1 penny stamp, did they surcharge the receiver too? In a similar situation, the US Postal service considered it...

Makes you think again about using that 'cheque's in the post' line again, doesn't it?

Postal piccy from freefotouk's Flickrstream

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