Aldgate To Stratford In 16 Steps

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Aldgate To Stratford In 16 Steps


If you don't already welcome Diamond Geezer into your RSS reader, stick him there now. One of the foremost chroniclers of our fair city, the Geezer should be permanently on the required-reading list of anyone who loves London. This month, he's surpassing even his own high standards with a series of posts about the road from Aldgate to Stratford. At the London Olympics, the marathon's last stage will pass along this ancient thoroughfare, to be known as High Street 2012. Diamond Geezer has split the route into 16 sections and reaches the half-way point today. To complement his insightful posts, DG also asks readers to add their own anecdotes and tales about this historic area.Please give generously.

Last Updated 16 August 2008


Much love for the Geezer. This series is fascinating stuff, and I've seldom even visited the area before. Required reading indeed.


briliant series!

just to clear up an ongoing problem with this story since it broke back in June, thanks to some inaccurate reporting:

the thoroughfare is not going to be known as high street 2012. whitechapel road etc are all historic street names, and they will stay. no other signs will go up anywhere.

high street 2012 is just the name the local authority have chosen to call their funding project behind improving all these streets.