2012 Olympics: UK Targets Moaning Gold

By Matt_Crossick Last edited 128 months ago
2012 Olympics: UK Targets Moaning Gold

We may not have a freaky medal machine like Michael Phelps up our sleeves, but there is one activity the English will never be bettered at: moaning. While China explodes in a really quite over-the-top performance of national pride, a new survey shows that Brits aren't that bothered about the 2012 Olympics taking place right here in the capital.

While a sizable section of the population has been whinging about it from the outset, the new survey claims that just 12% of us think that the games will be good for Britain's reputation. A hefty 39% weren't sure that hosting the olympics would have any long-term benefit.

Of course, were this China, that 39% would be swiftly bundled out of sight until the games were over while Seb Coe fired 5-year-old singers for having wonky teeth. But at least we'd be spared the prospect of the greatest international sporting event in the world marred by 'what's in it for me' griping.

Come on Londoners, it's going to be great. We should start training our 2012 drummers up for the opening ceremony now. And it's not like Stratford doesn't need a bit of a boost, now, is it?

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Last Updated 14 August 2008