What's Going On In Croydon Today?!

By Craigie_B Last edited 128 months ago
What's Going On In Croydon Today?!

We'll likely avoid Croydon this weekend.

Lovely place though it is, news reports are coming in from around Croydon that suggests that Lady Luck is not currently visiting the area.

First off, news came in of police officers being bitten by 15-year olds and attacked by a mob after one of their group refused to pick up litter they had dropped.

Then in comes a report of a new mum giving birth in a local hospital and - possibly at the same time? - having to clean toilets there covered in blood. She's also complained to authorities about the amount of mould on their food. In her picture with new baby Lily-Ella, she looks like someone you'd want on your side when attacked by biting 15-year olds.

As if that wasn't enough, in comes news of an attempted abduction of a girl from bus-stop by a man in a truck which tastefully boasted "black seats with a white zigzag pattern" - police are asking for help in finding him.

And finally, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier chose this weekend to attack a little boy in a local park.

For all sorts of reasons, make sure you're vigilant if you go shopping in Croydon today, please...

Image from le Korrigan's Flickrstream

Last Updated 19 July 2008