Stratford At The Heart Of New Art On The Underground

By Lindsey Last edited 124 months ago
Stratford At The Heart Of New Art On The Underground

If you went through Stratford Station this morning you might have found the Stratford Grapevine thrust into your paw, in place of the usual news lite freesheets. What you might not have realised is that it was art. You probably thought it looks more like a community involvement initiative, celebrating Stratford on the road to 2012 and mustering local people into a renewed sense of - well, community. And you'd be right.

There will be 2 more issues of the Grapevine through to November, from artist Lucy Harrison, who forayed into Stratford and features local people and things. Download a free copy and see what you think.

Complementing this is the kookier Stratford Hoard, an exhibition based on the bizarre and mundane collections of local people and put together by Alan Kane . Milk bottles, teapots, sugar sachets and religious leaflets expose the collectible underbelly of E15 for your transitory viewing pleasure.

As the Grapevine issues change, so the collections shift. You have until November to get to know these Olympic gateway residents better.

Image of one of Elizabeth Parker's sugar sachets courtesy of the Art on the Underground website.

Last Updated 17 July 2008