Sienna Leaves The House! In Clothes! And Sunglasses!

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Sienna Leaves The House! In Clothes! And Sunglasses!

You heard it here first: Primrose Hill’s most-talked about starlet has been spotted running errands around North London. We can’t exactly bring you specific details about what kind of errands they were. We could hazard a guess – maybe popping to nearby Chalk Farm’s Morrisons to make the most of their money saving deals; buying up a couple of light bulbs; or perchance picking up some snaps from her recent romantic getaway with the actor Balthazar Getty.

The paparazzi have been stepping up their campaign against the much-hounded Miller, since she was caught on camera kissing the married actor on an Italian holiday. Back in town, much has been made of her ‘camera-shy’ and sheepish demeanor, though to be honest, Londonist can’t see much beyond the regular activities of a pretty young thing going about her daily business – you know, getting out of a car, walking, and so on.

The outcry about Sienna’s affair is interesting for more than just its failure to attribute much disapproval towards Getty, the man in the tale, despite her single status and Getty’s married one. In addition to the usual demonizing of the fairer sex for her part in shenanigans, a lot of indignation seems to stem from the fact that Sienna was papped on a balcony kissing Getty, without anything on her top half and donning – wait for it – a sailor hat. That Sienna is making sure she follows this season’s nautical trends even during passionate clinches is neither noted nor applauded. Surely someone should commend this level of commitment? Anyway, Londonist reckons if we bore much resemblance to Sienna, we’d spend at least a little of it in a similar semi-clad state, probably in front of a mirror, and what the hell – we might even chuck a trilby in too.

By Chloe George

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