Preview: Gravetemple at Underworld

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Last Updated 07 July 2008

Preview: Gravetemple at Underworld
Gravetemple at Underworld

Metalheads and experimental music fans unite this week as Stephen O'Malley once again rolls into town on a storm cloud of doom and drone. The mastermind behind avant-metalist outfit Sunn O))), O'Malley frequently treats London to appearances from his many side projects, though this is one we never expected to see live.

Gravetemple formed in 2006 to play a few gigs in Israel, an event which was documented on a one track, one-hour long release entitled The Holy Down. It's an impressive exercise in restraint—the drums don't even come in until the 45th minute—showcasing the talents of not only O'Malley, but Mayhem's Attila Csihar and sound artist Oren Ambarchi as well. Upon hearing that one of our favourite one-offs was on again, we were as elated as one could be whilst still needing to maintain that depressing, dark demeanour becoming a fan of doom metal.

Originally planned for the ULU, the gig has been moved to Camden's Underworld, which no doubt will help create a better atmosphere for these sludgy sounds. ASVA, featuring members of Burning Witch and Mr Bungle, open the night.

Gravetemple at the Underworld, Thursday 10 July 2008. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Cost: £12.

Image taken from פיקוס's Flickr photostream under its Creative Commons licence.