Preview: Bad Film Club @ Barbican

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Preview: Bad Film Club @ Barbican

Good films are arty, beautiful, moving, life-affirming, harrowing, immersive, thought-provoking, influential, idiom-altering. Bad films are just plain good fun. While there are countless film clubs screening the good stuff, and discussing such weighty things as symbolism, cinematography and ludic interfilmic references afterwards over a G&T, there is only one Bad Film Club, dedicated to celebrating the very worst that the moving picture has to offer.

In a treat for Londoners with a taste for masochism and celluloid disasters, BFC is bringing its live-action extravagagagaganza to the Barbican tomorrow (5th July), starting at 3.30pm with a Bad Film Bake-Off (we don't know either, possibly cake-based representations of Paris Hilton's 'acting' in The Hottie And The Nottie or something?), with a Top 10 of Bad Films as chosen by hosts Nicko and Joe at 4pm, and a screening of famously awful sci-fi parable Battlefield Earth, starring John Travolta (or John Revolting as he was always known in our household), at 6pm, followed by cocktails at 8.30.

Audience participation is positively encouraged, and Nicko and Joe will (based on past performance) use their microphones, laser pointers and love of the absurd to great effect. Think of it as live-action MST3K with a larger audience than you can fit into your living room. We'll be there, popcorn at the ready.

Bad Film Club, Barbican Cinema 1, July 5, 3.30pm-8.30pm, tickets for Top 10/Battlefield Earth £8.50/£11 or £15 combined, easiest way to book probably the Barbican box office phoneline on 020 7638 8891, photo courtesy of Bad Film Club

Last Updated 04 July 2008