Playboy Casino Coming To Town?

By Andy Fell Last edited 128 months ago
Playboy Casino Coming To Town?

Playboy is seeking to increase the number of Playboy branded clubs around the world, UPI are reporting, and have London in their sights. “London will be logical for us. We had some very good years there”, said Executive Vice President, Dick Rosenzweig. The last London Playboy club closed in 1981 amid illegal gambling allegations, following a period in which Playboy’s casinos were lucrative enough to support all other areas of the company’s operations. It’s therefore unsurprising that they are looking to re-launch their chain of clubs, in which cocktails are served by waitresses in lingerie.

The move would follow an increase in the number of Playboy stores around the UK in recent years, which have seen the company seek to establish itself as a high-street brand. Which makes this news seem slightly odd to Londonist: can Playboy hope to sell cocktails to fathers, and expect them to let their daughters buy bunny-girl branded t-shirts with their pocket money?

The first Playboy casino could open in London in 2010, and we welcome you to use the comments section to let us know what you think about it. Is this symptomatic of a backlash against feminism, a subject Kira Cochrane wrote about recently in The Guardian? Or do these clubs merely provide harmless amusement for male punters, and extra cash for willing female staff?

Image taken with thanks from Jeff Croft's Photostream, under the Creative Commons License.

Last Updated 14 July 2008