Obamania To Hit London Tomorrow

By Craigie_B Last edited 126 months ago
Obamania To Hit London Tomorrow

Barack Obama comes to our fair city on Friday, hot-footing it from Paris and Berlin - where he today delivered a speech extolling the quest for "impossible hope". He leaves on Saturday.

Whether or not you are wrapped up in his soaring rhetoric; if you are leaning toward McCain; and even if you still pine for Hillary - this man is making history, and is a star. He is within reach of breaking the mould of who gets to become US President.If you're around Westminster tomorrow this may be your chance to catch a glimpse of the man that in November could be elected to the most powerful office in the world. Of course, he might instead become one of those change-makers that, er, didn't quite make it. Which of course could prove that his "hope" was indeed "impossible".Anyway - details of his schedule for tomorrow revealed so far include meetings with Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Tony Blair. This suggests a low-key approach this leg of his world tour, with no big joint press conference and instead just a photo-opportunity outside of No 10 looking Presidential. On his next visit, will he actually be President, too?Obama pic from our very own daveknapik's Flickrstream

Last Updated 24 July 2008