New Bug on the Block

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New Bug on the Block

We say, we say, we say: What’s black and re(a)d in your lunchbreak? No, good fellow, the answer isn’t Londonist. We do rather refer to a mysterious new lunchtime visitor to the Natural History Museum. Whilst exploring their lunchboxes, entomologist’s at the august establishment have observed an as yet unidentified flying object in the museum’s grounds, a wee red and black buggy thing.

Experts believe that the tiny insects (which are the size of a grain of rice) might be a kissing cousin of the Arocatus roeselii which dwells in central Europe. But they’re really not sure (and we can bet it’s bugging them like hell). Anyway, most importantly for Londonist, the museum believes the little critters to be harmless.

Londonist likes nature, even the bits of it which have more legs than they really need, and so this is exciting news indeed. But we are puzzled by one thing: isn’t it just a tad convenient that these creatures have been discovered in the very establishment which would most like to get its nets around them? This leads us to one of two conclusions:

  • a) That there are in fact hundreds of new creatures all over London, and that the only reason that we know about this one is that is landed in the chief prof’s sushi: we are being assimilated and we don’t know it;
  • b) The creatures are actually supremely intelligent and knew exactly where to land to get max. scientific press attention: they will soon be assimilating us.Not that we want to worry you or anything.

    Finally, as the new Londoner is currently still without a name: may we tentatively suggest calling it the Boris Bug (purely on the grounds of alliteration, you understand).

    Psychadelic bug from grewlike’s flickr stream under the Creative Commons Licence.

    Last Updated 15 July 2008