Londonist Reviews Tanqueray Tables

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Londonist Reviews Tanqueray Tables
Tanqueray Tables at Merchants' Taylors Hall

Last night found Londonist sampling canapés and cocktails at an outdoor medieval setting deep in the City of London. Hosted by the makers of Tanqueray gin and,” the first of two Tanqueray Tables events in London (there was an initial Tanqueray Tables night in Edinburgh last week) offered an excellent opportunity to check out the historic Merchant Taylors’ Hall. Dating from the 14th century, the hall is one of the Twelve Great City Livery Companies surviving from medieval times. Londonist would like to thank Merchant Taylors’ Hall events coordinator, Jolize Aschmann, for taking the time to show us around the hall’s elegant premises. We hope to return soon for further investigations.

The gin-based cocktails and canapés were lovely too! The Tanqueray Summer Presse (“Tanqueray gin served long over ice with fresh lime, crushed gooseberries, raspberries and mint, elderflower and apple liquer added for sweetness and seasoned with wormwood, topped with soda) harmonized with the alfresco venue. As for the canapés, Londonist especially enjoyed the cappuccino of wild mushrooms white truffle foam (which takes longer to type out than to consume). All in all, each of the drinks, with titles such as fig & quince tipple, grape & watermelon cobbler and spice-trail aperitif were well worth sipping. And the morsels, featuring the likes of salmon cured in gin, impressed us as well.

Luckily, Londoners have one more chance to have a taste of Tanqueray Tables. This time on 14th August at No.4 Hamilton Place: a 17th century house with Edwardian features, a terrace overlooking Hyde Park and a former tenants list which includes the Duke of Wellington.

Tanqueray Tables costs £24. Visit the site for more details and to book.

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 31 July 2008