Greenness Officially In Turmoil Today

By Craigie_B Last edited 126 months ago
Greenness Officially In Turmoil Today

Greenness is certainly suffering mixed fortunes today.

For a start, Mayor Boris had originally moved to save trees, only this evening to reverse Ken's planned £25 CO2 congestion charge hike. Into the bargain he also thanked Porsche for donating their subsequent legal costs paid by Transport for London to charidee.

Meanwhile a campaign launched last week to promote London's Outdoors included the temporary siting of an Outdoor Office in St James Park, but then today London's gardeners were warned that they must take action to prevent climate change and were exorted to do ugly- or camp-sounding things like "use mulch" and "wild up your decking".

Biofuels good, biofuels bad.

It's all enough to make you, er, watch Grassroots Rugby or something.

Turmoil, we tell you, turmoil...

Picture - Londonista's own

Last Updated 08 July 2008