Gordon Glued To Plane Stupid

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Gordon Glued To Plane Stupid

Our Prime Minister got into a sticky situation with a protester. And with that, our obligation to use that godawful and obvious phrase is done. The stickiness in question is the Superglue applied to Gordon Brown's sleeve by Dan Glass, a member of the protest group Plane Stupid with which he was hoping to glue himself to our country's leader to encourage him to 'stick to promises.'

Plane Stupid has a reputation for bare cheek: the group recently got onto the roof of Parliament for some high profile airing of disgruntlements. This time, in a solo performance, Glass was due to receive an award from the PM and used the opportunity to adhere himself to the man. During a handshake, he grabbed the PM's sleeve with a hand covered in Superglue which he had smuggled in via his underwear. How he got the glue from underwear onto palm is unconfirmed.

As protests go, it was apparently quite gentle and the PM only had to pull his arm away rather sharply to dislodge Glass, no doubt totally unaware of the near brush he had with a conjoined fate. Glass was allowed to stay on at Downing Street for a further 40 minutes after which he proceeded to the gates of Downing Street and applied himself to the railings with more glue. There was not enough to hold him there and police ushered him away. The Metropolitan Police are not treating this as a breach of security, but this incident will be recorded as a waste of perfectly good adhesive.

Image author's own from the Londonist Christmas Cornershop Hamper.

Last Updated 23 July 2008