Cruel Kids Kill Cat Kilo

By Lindsey Last edited 118 months ago
Cruel Kids Kill Cat Kilo

tabby.jpg The police have their work cut out investigating knife crime and youth violence these days so we imagine they're not best pleased at having to track down the gang of 3 teens who eschewed blades in their pursuit of cheap and mindless 'entertainment' and instead indulged in some light felinicide, throwing poor puss Kilo, a former resident of Battersea and recently adopted by HMS Belfast as ship's cat, overboard into the drink. Police have branded the incident as truly despicable, which it clearly is, yet we're starting to wonder how you compare criminal despicability. As cat lovers, we feel for Kilo and her crew. Presumably she's sunk to the bottom of the Thames by now as no body was recovered but, unfortunately, far worse things happen at sea.

Last Updated 10 July 2008


You know... I'm shocked that the HMS Belfast people were permitted to adopt a cat. We've tried adopting a cat and were told by the rescue wingnuts that we were unsuitable cat-parents because we live in a flat with no garden and that it's well known that cats regularly hurtle themselves out of flat windows.... OK - WHATever. Clearly, they did not find that a boat that regularly has hundreds of people a day traipsing through it and plenty of open spaces through which a moggie can, either voluntarily or involuntarily, hurtle to oblivion an unsuitable environment for a cat. Poor wee moggie. Time to reassess adoption policies.