City Workers Addicted To Email Asserts Spurious Survey

By Lindsey Last edited 126 months ago
City Workers Addicted To Email Asserts Spurious Survey

You wouldn't believe it from the weather but summer really is here and the news is therefore getting thin. So, it's definitely time for a spurious survey to deliver some asinine assumptions to pad out the business pages and get a wedge of PR to boot. Today, a survey by an IT security company claims that City workers are addicted to email.

Gadzooks! Send them to the Priory, cry we who check our emails, forums and RSS feeds at least every hour on the hour, whereever we may be. More often if in fortunate possession of an iPhone. Although even that won't help us underground: cold sweat.

But back in the Square Mile, what they mean is that about 75 of the 300 people they got to complete their survey, admitted to checking their email once a day on holiday. Yeah? Big fat hairy deal.

But what's the reason these poor, unfortunate, wage slaves can't resist the lure of the Blackberry or webmail? Paranoia, of course. Paranoia that their deskbound colleagues are stealing their thunder, swiping their custard creams and creaming off their bonuses. But no, that's still not the nub of the story. The corporate mastermind behind this "news" doesn't actually care about the well-being of these burnt out city types and their inability to switch off. All it cares about is flogging internet security and lo, guess what - all that remote checking of email and carrying of work devices abroad poses a real seasonal security threat to the very employers they're paranoid about being fired by!

So, fearful city worker bees - thank goodness Credant Technologies has some security advice and solutions for your employer. You can now go on holiday and be paranoid in peace.

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Last Updated 08 July 2008