You're Hired: Sir Alan for Mayor?

By Matt_Crossick Last edited 127 months ago
You're Hired: Sir Alan for Mayor?

Londoners tired of their foppish Mayor may have an unlikely saviour come the 2012 elections: bombastic businessman Alan Sugar has suggested that he might stand as Labour Party candidate in the next mayoral election.

The ex-Amstrad boss and East End barrow-boy would certainly make a tough figurehead for the city. Whether the ability to amass heaps of dosh and shout at hapless apprentices on TV equips one to run the nation’s capital city is open to debate, but Alan pointed out some suitable transferable skills:

‘Someone like me who tends to cut to the chase, so to speak, would be the right sort of person to look after a city like London’, he commented to the BBC, and though he did not commit himself either way, he did not deny the rumour which has been doing the rounds for a few days.

He may not have any political experience, but at least Sir Alan has run a team of more than 12 people. And refrained from using the word ‘picaninnies’. So some might argue he’s already better equipped to be mayor than the current incumbent…

Photo courtesy of Jovike's Photostream under the Creative Commons license.

Last Updated 25 June 2008