Rubbish Comment About Rubbish

By Hazel Last edited 127 months ago
Rubbish Comment About Rubbish

Some very rubbish remarks about rubbish have been made by Tory councillor Lucy Ivimy about a litter situation in Shepherds Bush. The Hammersmith & Fulham councillor sent an email to the managers of the Woodford Court tower block that blamed the throwing of rubbish from the block's windows onto streets below was down to immigrants who had not learned shed their Indian ways - because that is what Indians do, and must learn not to do while on British soil.

It's not only an unpleasant thing to be heard saying for all its racist stereotyping, it's also distinctly unhelpful as this sounds like a potential new Tory policy to fight littering with citzenship classes. It seems everything can be solved by sending everyone back to school for extra Latin.

Humble and red-faced apologies have issued forth from Ms Ivimy but the damage has already been done, despite her best efforts to diffuse blame in her email to no specific culprits or particular groups. Sorry love, you wrote it, you hit send, it got read and it rightfully upset a lot of people. Let's hope the tatters of her reputation get swept up and tidied away with the rest of the refuse gathered at the foot of Woodford Court.

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Last Updated 11 June 2008