Review: The Kills at Rough Trade

By Amanda Last edited 129 months ago
Review: The Kills at Rough Trade

The reward for the extensive queuing outside of Rough Trade East last night was a set of deliciously dirty tunes by London-based duo the Kills. Their equipment wasn't on their side, and a finicky drum machine meant we didn't get to hear more than the first 30 seconds of "U.R.A. Fever," but there were still plenty of raucous riffs and electronic blips to satisfy.

Rough Trade has never felt more eerie than it did while blacked out save for one floodlight on the stage and soundtracked by the sexy, scruffy beats and crunchy guitars of the Kills. The band were promoting their new single "Last Day of Magic," and as such only played songs from their latest record,Midnight Boom — the album is good, but you'd probably have to catch a proper set to hear some older tunes. They also stuck around to sign copies after the set. It's probably true that a band like the Kills can't make you hipper than you are, but you sure as hell feel cool while you're listening.

Photos by Amanda Farah.

Last Updated 13 June 2008