Londonist Reviews: Taste of London

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Londonist Reviews: Taste of London
Taste of London

As gorgeous as yesterday was, Taste of London presented a good excuse to forage through a marquee-laden Regent’s Park with friends. However, despite the pleasant weather, ToL would have hardly been categorized as a value for money outing. In a way, the event was comparable to a stroll through an alfresco version of the high end aisles of Sainsbury’s or Waitrose, which wouldn’t necessarily be an unpleasant activity but hardly one that attendees should have paid more than twenty quid to access (especially considering once in, most food still had to be purchased). But, it should be noted that the ToL’s timetable was chocked full of live music, demonstrations, book signings, and more.

Of course, high ticket prices didn’t seem to stop folks from coming. Sunday was sold out by noon, and by 3pm the gobs of cheery people rubbing elbows in ever lengthening queues suggested that there indeed will be another Taste of London in 2009. Still bargains, goodies and new takes on age old products were to be found. Londonist was pleased to leave the park with a big bag of Madeleines bought from the Bonne Maman stall and made note to check out restaurant Snazz Sichuan, which served up some proper heat at reasonable prices.

Photography by Chris Osburn.

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