Positive Transport-Related News Story Shocker

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Positive Transport-Related News Story Shocker

Looking back over the last few days, we've seen:

over-running work on the West Coast Mainline;
  • some East London line scaffolding collapse and cut off Liverpool St; and
  • and drink-related chaos on the tube
  • So it's good to see some positive transport news, at least for the people of Mitcham. Today, at a few minutes past four in the afternoon, proud residents near Mitcham Eastfields station saw their first train arrive. Ever.

    No, this wasn't some massively drawn-out delay - Mitcham Eastfields is a sparkling brand-spanking new station that had just opened a few minutes earlier. From now on, it will see at least two stopping trains per hour - and so this first one was lucky enough to be greeted by a huddle of excited local councillors carrying a 'Welcome!' placard.

    But it's not all been plain-sailing. Attempts to build the station have been mulled by the council since the 1930s (cripes, that's one LONG council committee meeting - we hope they had lots of coffee and biscuits), so it's only taken, er, 70-odd years to get this far (Builders of Crossrail, take note). Just last month, Network Rail quietly pushed back the station's opening date from 19th May until 2nd June. Even today, the train had actually been due to arrive this morning - but thanks to further safety checks it didn't make it to the platform until almost tea-time.

    Mind you, sometimes you can feel fond of the British tradition of waiting for a train. Especially if local politicians have to wait around in the rain for the whole day, merely to hold up a sign at a bemused train driver who probably can't even vote in their area. Ho hum.

    On track pic from Bring back Buck's Flickrstream

    Last Updated 03 June 2008