Nurse's Job in Jeopardy After Dispatch Debacle

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Nurse's Job in Jeopardy After Dispatch Debacle

A nurse may get sacked for playing Undercover Angel at Ealing Hospital. Back in 2004, Nomalizewe Ndebele wore a camera around Ealing Hospital, where she works as a healthcare assistant. She secretly filmed the less than stellar standards of patient care for a Channel 4 programme, which aired January 2005.

Needless to say, the hospital was less than thrilled with this report, and the Nursing and Midwifery Council wasn't pleased either. The hospital claims that Ndebele failed to cooperate with an investigation after the show aired. The NMC seems to believe that in filming the patients and conditions, she failed to act in her patients' best interests. Considering some of what Ndebele filmed includes her being told to administer medications she wasn't authorised to give and human waste matter being left on a toilet floor for three hours, it's difficult to argue that the hospital was acting in the patients' best interest either.

A hearing is currently taking place to determine whether or not Ndebele will be allowed to continue practising as a nurse.

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Last Updated 25 June 2008